Cancer of the Bladder

Cancer of the Bladder

Cancer of the Bladder
Cancer of the bladder is diagnosed and treated by the world's best urology specialists Dr. Fernando Bianco and Dr. Edward Gheiler.[more]

Cystoscope Diagnosis

Cancer of the bladder Diagnosis
Cancer of the bladder diagnosis is performed with a cystoscopy and bladder biopsy.

da Vinci Cystectomy

Cancer of the bladder surgery
Our robotic surgeon at the Urology Specialists Center Dr. Fernando Bianco has performed over 300 laparoscopic and robotic surgeries.[more]

Cancer of the Bladder

Cancer of the bladder (cancer vejiga) is diagnosed, and treated by urology specialistsBladder symptoms that may indicate bladder cancer include; urinary symptoms such as microscopic hematuria, gross hematuria (sangre orina), urinary retention, stress incontinence (incontinencia urinaria), painful urination, and cloudy urine.

Cancer of the bladder is diagnosed with:

  • A physical exam by a urology specialist
  • Urine specimens that are analyzed for cancer cells (cytology)
  • Flexible cystoscopy to look at the bladder wall and take a bladder biopsy
  • Urinalysis to show the cellular and chemical composition of a urine specimen
  • Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) x-rays with a dye that show kidney, ureter, and bladder urinary obstruction that may occur from tumors
  • Computed tomography which gives detailed x-ray images of the urinary system
  • A chest x-ray to see if the bladder cancer has spread to the lungs

Bladder cancer treatment is most often bladder surgery to remove shallow bladder tumors which is performed through a cystoscope with a wire loop to remove the tumor and electro cautery to burn away bladder tissue and stop the bleeding. When the bladder cancer has spread throughout the bladder and to other tissues and organs, da Vinci surgery cystectomy is performed to remove the entire bladder and a neo bladder or urinary diversion is created. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapy are also used by the urologist to destroy the bladder cancer.

Clinical research trials are available at the international urology specialists Miami Florida Center. New approaches to fighting cancer and reconstructing the bladder are constantly raising the bar allowing greater success with less stress or damage to the urinary system. Gene therapy, gold nanoshells, personalized immunotherapy, dendrimers, quantum dots, regrowing a new bladder, and RNA interference (micro RNA) therapy have been in the laboratories for the last two decades and are now coming into clinical research trials.

Cancer of the bladder, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections and neurogenic bladder have similar bladder symptoms and diverse bladder treatments and prevention practices. Bladder surgery and diagnostic procedures that are available include urodynamic studies, bladder ultrasound, neural implants, bladder stone removal, and prolapse surgery.  Natural medicine holistic (remedio natural) treatments include bio-feedback continence training, Chinese medicines, diet, and urological supplements.

The Urology Specialists Center offers comprehensive urological services. Our state of the art large urology center covers kidney surgery (nefrectomia) for renal cell carcinoma (cancer rinon), and kidney stones treatment (calculos renales).  Dr. Fernando Bianco one of the world’s best da Vinci prostatectomy surgeons runs the robotic surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital and trains other surgeons from around the globe, he also performs open radical prostatectomy (prostatectomia). Our team of urologists also performs prostate surgery for enlarged prostates using the button TURP, green light laser, and the traditional wire TURP. Our prostate cancer surgery (cancer de prostata) also branches out to prostate cryosurgery and prostate radiation. It is important that men get a prostate exam when prostate symptoms (sintomas prostata) appear so that life threatening diseases may be treated immediately.
Dr. Edward Gheiler the founder of Urology Specialists initially created the Florida urology center to diagnose and treat bladder disorders and erectile dysfunction causes. Having diagnosed and treated thousands of men with various impotence causes (impotencia masculina) Dr. Gheiler has made the Miami Urology Specialists the worldwide de facto “center for erectile dysfunction”. Some men can correct their physiological complications (problemas ereccion ) that cause their impotence, naturally with diet, exercise and supplements, while others may need medication to help blood flow issues and still others prefer mechanical solutions. Dr. Gheiler has performed penis surgery (cirugia pene) over a thousand times for penile prosthesis or penis implant placement. His penile surgery takes 20 minutes and is an outpatient procedure.

Testicular cancer symptoms (cancer testiculo) are also diagnosed and treated along with vasectomy procedures that are available as an outpatient procedure.

Cancer of the bladder is treated with compassion, privacy, and with the finest medicine available to not just stop the cancer but keep your urinary system working properly, at the Urology Specialists Center. To make an appointment now, you can call (305) 822-7227 or request an appointment for the day and time that fits your schedule right here online. Read on to find out more about bladder cancer.


Cancer of the Bladder (continued)

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Cancer of the Bladder
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